Currently designing how agents service passengers in their travels at UAL

About Hero

Mike is a big idea person who's happiest playing at the moving intersection of design, strategy, and technology.

With over nine years of experience, Mike has been able to build a skillset where he can skillfully and confidently wear multiple design hats. He's devoted his career to becoming both a design generalist and specialist.
When not designing, Mike enjoys watching his Golden State Warriors play, traveling with friends, photography & videography, and year around legal sports betting!

About Video

Mike has worked in & experienced a few different design processes, which has formed his own

At a high-level, Mike's design process is informed and influenced by user-centered design, integrated with agile design sprints and his training by Cooper in Service Design.
However, his years of experience as a designer at agencies or within product teams have taught him that his process needs to be fluid based on circumstances and constraints out of his control, such as budget, scope, business needs, etc.
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